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Date for your diary....Next Reunion will be held on Sunday 4th September 2016 at Spetchley Park and Peopleton Village Hall...Further details to follow shortly...

Members of the Old Girls' Association who left School in the 1950s:

Mrs Retta Pembridge (nee Stephens)
Miss Diana Penney
Mrs Barbara Postle (nee Hill)
Mrs Pat Smith (nee Alcock)
Sister Helen Marie (Margaret Banning)
Mrs Stella Butler (nee Bolton)
Mrs Deidre Brookes (nee Rochford)
Mrs Shirley Line (nee Fildes)
Mrs Pamela Smith (nee Ross)
Mrs Theresa Smith (nee Latham)
Mrs Mary Froud (nee Saull)
Mrs Rosemary Matthews (nee Pugh)
Mrs Wendy Bowell (nee Musto)
Miss Doreen Crompton
Mrs Norma Kennedy (nee Ellaway)
Miss Patricia Drake
Sister Mary Bernard
Mrs Kinga Kozerski (nee Kalinska)
Mrs Patricia Leake (nee Collett)
Mrs Pauline Stoodley (nee Greenhill)
Mrs Judith Pingriff (nee Keetley)
Mrs Ann Smith (nee Wilson)
Miss Maureen Sinclair
Mrs Margaret Evans (nee Loxley)
Mrs Elizabeth Fox (nee Watt)
Mrs Anne Gibbons (nee Barnacoat)
Mrs Teresa Cousland (nee Bremner)
Mrs Jane Cameron (nee Nugent)
Mrs Elizabeth Dowding (nee Robinson)
Miss Heather Griffin
Mrs Rosemary Leahy (nee Devitt)
Mrs Jacqueline Richardson (nee Lewis)
Mrs Jennifer Smith (nee Harries)
Mrs Mary Williams (nee Lane)
Mrs Janet Davies (nee Penlington)
Mrs Margaret Williams (nee Lewis)
Mrs Anne Ashford (nee Bray)
Mrs Ann Bradbury (nee Wrighton)
Mrs Brenda Hodge (nee Savage)
Mrs Linda Leyland (nee Stephens)
Mrs Susan Sutcliffe (nee Radford)
Mrs Mareea Gray (nee Bailey)
Mrs Elizabeth Fry (nee Sidwell)
Mrs Anne Hedgley (nee O'Donnell)
Mrs Terry Singfield (nee Powell)
Ms Corinne Fisher
Ms Caroline Savage
Mrs Vivienne Jones (Doyle)

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